Spreading Positivity & Love Among Others

I have a mission. This mission consists of spreading love, positivity, and happiness among all of us. I’m a college girl working her ass off to have an impact on the financial area when she graduates. But that’s not all. I’m also a girl who wants to spread as much positivity and awareness to all of those who struggle with anxiety, negative emotions and life in general as much as I can. I’ve always thought that guidance, advice, love, and kindness are powerful tools that can help everyone who’s struggling with something.

I’ve been learning a lot from my own experiences and I love to share them with you guys. It’s been a long journey between me and this blog. Every time, I have more people reading my posts and commenting on them and that makes me really happy. Feedback helps me to realize that I’m actually doing something right for society.

I write on this blog because I’m passionate about it. I write on this blog because I think we all need some inspirational words or ideas that can make us feel inspired and motivated to continue with our lives. Even if we don’t feel like we need them, it’s never a bad option to have some inspiration and positive energy in our lives.

My main goal is to be able to impact in a good way on all of those who read me, support me and maintain this blog alive. I really want to be someone who makes good content.Β  Content that helps and inspires people. Someone who makes a difference, a positive impact. I have some projects in mind, but I still need more time, people and a budget. You know college is expensive. But I’m managing to save some money for the blog as well.

I really appreciate the support and all the good feedback I’ve been receiving. Believe me, it motivates me to keep blogging. All of you who want to help me to grow this blog, please be free to do it, you can buy me a coffee if you want to. That would be wonderful.Β I want to address that if someone needs some advice or guidance, don’t be shy to ask me questions or give me post suggestions. You know you can reach me on my social media handles. Also, I have a contact page, where you can send me an email. The comment section is also available for everyone anytime. Keep in mind my goal is to be positive, inspiring and create content that can make someone smile.

I’m so thankful that all of you guys give me an opportunity to be part of your life, inspire you or entertain you. You all deserve to be happy. Remember we all can make an impact if we stick together! If you want to join the Smart & Girly Community just subscribe. I’m so glad to see your beautiful faces and I hope to see you all in my next post.

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Hello Everybody! My name is Amanda and I'm a part time lifestyle blogger and full time college student. I love watching movies on Netflix, drinking coffee and spending time with my friends & family!

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