A Smart Girl Cannot Be Girly

Hello, my marvelous readers! Welcome to my blog, I hope you’re all having an amazing day! Today, I’m going to be sharing with you a controversial topic, that may not suit everyone. It is related to the popular opinion that a smart girl cannot be girly and vice versa. But before I start, I want to clarify that these are my opinions, my thoughts and what I personally believe. I’m not trying to offend anyone or make someone feel bad. This is something I wanted to share for a long time but wasn’t sure if I should do it, because of the negativity it can cause. So, please if you feel like you want to read it, go ahead. But if you don’t agree with me, then it’s totally okay, I completely respect that. Just don’t leave hate comments, they can be constructive comments. But hate will not be tolerated. After that little disclaimer, let’s get started.

The word girly has a lot of different meanings in several dictionaries. But I’m going to treat this “girly” word as a more colloquial way of saying feminine. Cause for me that’s what girly means. Now, the common girly aesthetic we see is pink and dresses and dumb and lipsticks and pink again.


But you know, there are so many more colors than just pink to refer to a girl. There is much more than just dresses and makeup and sweetness. There’s more than just a word to define someone. I’ve heard comments like, “A smart girl doesn’t have a girly taste”. “A smart girl just focuses on school, college, work”. “A smart girl doesn’t care of appearance.” “A smart girl doesn’t play the sweet role”. “A smart girl is not feminine” “A smart girl can’t rock a dress” “A girly girl can’t be smart”. “A girly girl can’t have good grades”. “A girly girl just wears pink”. And I can go on, but honestly, the amount of things that I’ve read about arguments why someone girly cannot be smart or vice versa is enormous.  

But you know, this is what society has implemented, this is what we all see in movies and series. That’s what we’re supposed to believe. There are lots of movie scenes where the girly girl needs to pretend she’s dumb just to try that other like her. And this is totally true. I’ve known a lot of girly girls who are really intelligent and they know how to play the game. But they hide it, because of this stereotype thing. And I’ve also seen movies where the smart girl has the worst style and the worst looks, but why? I mean there’s no need to represent a smart girl that way. Like, I don’t know, but in every cliche movie I’ve seen the BIG makeover is just take off the glasses and you’re done aka “She’s All That” Movie.

I consider myself a smart girl with girly taste, when I was looking for a new name for my blog, after a lot of thought and searching through a lot of blogs on the internet, logos, themes, etc. I always ended up liking the things that had a girly vibe. If you go to my Pinterest Account, you’re going to notice that the things I save the most are related to fashion, apartment inspo and pictures I want to recreate. But as soon as you see my board layouts, you’ll notice that those things have the girly aesthetic.


Despite this, I’m going, to be honest, sometimes I just grab a hoodie a pair of skinny jeans and some sneakers and go to my college classes and do not apply makeup. So, you might be wondering what this is something contradictory. But it actually isn’t at all. Because the night before, I spent it studying or doing homework or starting a project or even writing some posts on the blog. And the next day I just am so exhausted to think on an extremely put together outfit. But you know, if I feel good what’s the big deal.

What I’m really trying to say, is that we should not be judged by the things we like or dislike. The way we dress or we look like. Cause at the end these are just labels. But it kinda bumps me that just because a girl is girly, she is called dumb and maybe you don’t know that she is really brilliant with numbers or words or problem-solving. Or that a girl who is smart is often referred by having a masculine taste, cause it may not be the case. She might be into dresses and skirts and floral clothing, trendy items, etc. Don’t judge someone just for their appearance, cause we are much more than just living aesthetics.

We need to support each other, instead of ripping us apart.  I know this is hard, there are some people out there who are just so difficult to deal with. But let’s try. This is our best shot. I hope I made my point and I know that you might not agree with me, but it’s just an opinion. Thank you guys so much for reading, remember that you can subscribe to my blog and get some free printable packages. I hope to see you in my next post!


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