My 5 Favorite Lifestyle Youtubers

Hello, my marvelous readers! Welcome to my blog, I hope you’re all having an amazing day. Today I’m going to be sharing with you, my 10 favorite lifestyle YouTubers of all time. I’ve been following their accounts mostly since they started. Most of them create content related to lifestyle, positivity, beauty, and fashion. If you would like to check them out, I’ll leave their social media and youtube channel handles! So, let’s get started.

1. Sarah Betts


She’s an Australian YouTuber who focuses on lifestyle, diy and clothing haul videos. I really like her style and aesthetic. I subscribed to this channel because I loved her diys’, mostly the ones that were related to school supplies. I never attempted to do one, but still loved them. Other videos I really like are the ones where she rates or does a review of a product. Those ones have helped me when it comes to buying a new product I’ve never tried before. But the ones I see the most are the clothing haul ones like I said before I really love her style. On the other hand, her editing skills are the bomb, the layout and colors used on her videos are vivid and striking. She currently has 1.5 million subscribers from all around the world and growing. She even has made a collab video with LaurDIY.

Sarah’s: Twitter and Instagram

2. Sierra Schultzzie

m5yijdnl_400x400She’s a lifestyle YouTuber who focuses on spreading body positivity. Her videos are related to how to style curvy bodies, how to feel confident on your own body and be proud of yourself. Recently she’s been doing some reviews on famous YouTubers clothing items. She is a really honest person. Even, she shares her own struggles of dealing with all those stereotypes every single day. She has a pretty positive community with 766,000 subs!

The effort she puts on every single video is admirable, you can notice that she has grown a lot since her first video. Even she has created her own clothing store. Where her main goal is to spread body positivity and self-love. Her clothing line items include some inspiring words and she has sizes for every type of body. Her videos have helped me during those days of self negative talk about my body. I truly recommend this channel if you want to lift up your confidence.

Sierra’s: Twitter and Instagram

3. Jeanine Amapola

pie2kn6g_400x400She is a well-known YouTuber from Dallas, Texas. She makes videos related to her lifestyle, tips or tricks related to travel, college and fashion, some clothing hauls and OOTD videos. Although, these days she’s been focusing more on the health and fitness lifestyle. Her channel also has some inspirational videos where she shares how she has accomplished certain goals along with her youtube career.

I discovered her channel due to some freshmen college advice videos I was looking for back in the day. The thing I like the most about her channel is the way of her expressions while explaining something. She seems like a very cool gal who knows what she’s talking about. She has been nominated on several awards and she is an active social media influencer. She currently has 1.8 million subscribers.

Jeanine’s: Twitter and Instagram

4. BestDressed

03b6b372-7571-474e-99c3-c7431cbad984Ashley is a college YouTuber who makes videos related to fashion and some lifestyle videos too. She has a very unique way of filming. Most of her videos are filmed in her own room while she shows her OOTD. The best thing about her channel is that she uses a lot of sarcasm sentences, she is literally so sassy. But at the same time, she’s friendly and funny.

Her content is really helpful, she tries to show that having a cute outfit doesn’t mean spending lots of money or time. Her tips on how to make a simple item look good are amazing. She really takes the time to put together outfits for every single video she makes. She also has her college student side. She knows how dealing with college is like and she even shares some tips about it as well on some of her videos.

Ashley’s: Twitter and Instagram

5. Safiya Nygaard

5d8b057a7ca4889454600003024c4f16-safiya-nygaard-sanderson-sistersSafiya is one of the funniest YouTuber I follow. She makes the most amazing content. Before she had her own youtube channel, she used to be part of the BuzzFeed community. Now, she makes videos related to reviews of trying the weirdest clothing items ever created, which are personally my favorite ones. Some travel videos, discovering things from all over the world. Her series “I bought from the Internet”, where she basically purchases items based on the ads that appear on her social media. She makes her own makeup by baking other makeup items from the same category. Personalized makeover, which I also really love. And the “I dressed like” series as well. Also, she’s getting married to her longtime boyfriend Tyler, so it means some wedding videos are being filmed, she seems really happy though.

Her videos last between 15 to 30 minutes, I depend a lot. But trust me you won’t even notice the time. Her content is well organized and the editing is pretty good as well. Besides she is really funny, you cannot get bored. I can spend a lot of time watching Safiya’s videos without even noticing. If you’re into buying things from the internet or trying random things, definitely subscribe to her channel.

Safiya’s: Twitter and Instagram

DISCLAIMER: All the images used on this post are not my own, they’re property of Sarah Betts, Sierra Schultzzie, Safiya Nygaard, Ashley, and Jeanine Ampola.

Let me know on the comments which are your favorite YouTube channel. I hope you guys enjoyed this post if you like more posts like this let me know on the comments below. Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you in my next post.

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