The First Time I Won a Giveaway ft Bloom Daily Planners

Hello my marvelous readers! Welcome to my blog, I hope you’re all having an amazing day! In today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you the story of how I won a giveaway for the first time and the product I won. I hope you guys enjoy it, let’s get started.

Giveaways are all over the internet every single day, but winning one of them it’s kinda the big deal here. I personally haven’t participated on many giveaways, I’ve only participated on a Sarah Betts back to school giveaway in 2017, another one in 2018 and I think that’s all, obviously I didn’t won.

A random day, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, weird right?, and I found that Bloom Daily Planners were having an international giveaway. I actually wasn’t following their account and had never heard of the brand before, but suddenly their tweet appeared in my feed. So I checked the rules out and saw that it was open internationally, so I decided to go for it, I thought I had no opportunity but still tried. I followed the rules, I needed to follow their Twitter account, write a little paragraph saying the things I loved the most about myself and RT their tweet to spread the word, simple rules actually. The winner was going to be chosen a week after or so.

After the week was over I completely forgot that I was participating on the giveaway, college took care of that, so when I saw the notification on Twitter that I was mention by Bloom Planners, I was thrilled! I checked the mention and realized that I had won! They liked what I wrote and chose me, I’m so thankful for that btw. I was having a lot of stress accumulated and I was looking forward to find some good planners online, but all of them were extremely expensive and not cute at all. When they sent me the direct message saying that I was able to choose anything from their planners collection, I got too excited. I checked their website and realized that they have the most amazing and beautiful planners that I’ve ever seen, I mean this is not sponsored, like I genuine think it. Their planners are so colorful and fulfilled with happiness.

At first I didn’t knew which one will fit the best, they have a lot of beautiful options for every occasion, like literally. So after a lot of time, I ended up deciding the 6 in 1 Planner, Calendar & Notebook. It has a lot of amazing colors and quotes and layouts, like you can actually get organized just by using one. What I love the most about it, is the positiveness that every single page includes. Every page has a quote, mostly inspirational and their vision boards can help you to get inspired. The material is resistant, and even on the delivery it was not damaged. The cover has some protectors and you can feel the quality on each page.

I’m not a girl who sticks to agendas, I usually write the things I need to do on an old notebook, or post its or just a random paper that I found near. But I genuinely believe that having such a beautiful agenda helps to get inspired and keep using it. I really have an addiction with school supplies and it’s hard to find pretty things at a good price. I used to do my own calendar version, I spent a lot of time, and I ended up loving them. But if you prefer buying one, definitely check out Bloom Planners, you’ll be surprised when you open their website. I truly recommend their planners. I will leave their website, if you want to check them out. Thanks for reading and sticking with me, if you would like to support me I will be forever grateful and I hope to see you all on my next post.

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Hello Everybody! My name is Amanda and I'm a part time lifestyle blogger and full time college student. I love watching movies on Netflix, drinking coffee and spending time with my friends & family!

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