5 Ways of Planning Blog Posts & Free Printables

Hello my marvelous readers! I hope you’re all having an amazing day. Today I’ll be sharing with you some tips that have helped me schedule, plan and write my blog posts. Also I’ll be uploading a free printable package for you. Let’s get started.

Planning blog posts can be really hard and stressful, mostly when inspiration is not in our favor. Sitting behind your desktop computer and not knowing what to write is a real struggle, I guess we all bloggers have been in that position. And if you haven’t well, you’re so lucky my friend.

1.- Use a notebook to write all your ideas.

Having a list of ideas can help you get inspired when you’re trying to write something on your blog. You can write several keywords on a sheet of paper and when you feel inspired you can go back to those keywords and use them to create a bomb post. I personally get inspired at night right before going to bed, so I always keep a notebook near to write down whenever I need to.

2.- Create a relaxing atmosphere.

I’ve realized that when my room is messy or I don’t have enough space to move myself around, I get blockages. This happens because I’m focusing on the surroundings and not on writing. Usually, I try to keep my desk clean and without lots of paperwork. I also use some oils to calm myself and relax, currently I’m using SWISS JUST essential oils and they’re the most amazing thing I’ve tried. My favorite scents are mint and lavender. Another thing I do is listen to music, I have created several playlists, each one for one task in specific, I have my study playlist, my writing playlist, my cleaning playlist, etc. Every time I have all that set up, my writing flows and I don’t get stuck on the same paragraph for hours.

3.- Scheduling Posts

As some of you know I’m in college and balancing my college work with blogging gets hard sometimes. That’s why I’ve implemented a new method, when I’m free I try to write as much as I can. Several posts about several topics, I tend to finish 3 to 4 posts in a day when I’m inspired. This way I have content for several days. My blog is a hobby, I don’t make any money, so I don’t need to post so consistently, I can post several posts on a week and then rest the next one. But for all of you guys that need to post regularly I would recommend that you take time to schedule your post according to other activities you need to accomplish. Don’t pressure yourself that hard, I think your readers will understand.

4.- Make Sure You’re Writing Something you’re Passionate About

When I’m trying to implement new topics I’m not an expert at or I haven’t experienced at all, I tend to have blockages. Writing one post I’m not passionate about can take from 4 to 8 hours, I really lose a lot of time trying to write those, usually I end up deleting everything. I’m not saying its not good to change up things, just try to be true to your own blog.

5.- Be Focused on Your Blog, Avoid Distractions

Usually I try to write whenever I know no one is going to bother me. I live in dorm rooms, so noises can be a really big deal if I’m trying to concentrate. For me headphones are a huge help, I have the QC Bose Headphones and they’re amazing, my life is much easier with those. I like to eat when I write so it helps me concentrate. Find something that helps you to concentrate.

Well, that’s everything for today’s post, hope you enjoy it. Let me know what do yo think about scheduling blog posts. Here is the free printable package, if you would like to donate something I would really appreciate it, also if you like my blog, please subscribe or like my new Facebook Page. I hope to see you guys in my next post.

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Hello Everybody! My name is Amanda and I'm a part time lifestyle blogger and full time college student. I love watching movies on Netflix, drinking coffee and spending time with my friends & family!

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