Studying Tips & Tricks for College

Lots of projects, exams and presentations are being done this past weeks. Sometimes I’m to hard on myself & I want to have good grades, but sometimes it really gets hard. I know grades do not define our inteligente or our knowledge at all, but they can help a lot.

I’m in forth semester of college now and I know it’s not as hard as it is going to be in fifth or eight semester. I really try to organize my time to get everything done. As college students we tend to leave some papers till the due date is coming, and then we start getting stressed. I mean I know I can procrastinate a lot. That’s why today I’m sharing with you some tips and tricks that have been helping me to get everything done and to still have time for entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you’re in college or in high school, this tips can help everyone out there who’s studying.


  1. Make a list of everything you need to accomplish for the week. You can buy an agenda and plan everything there. But if your not a fan of that or simply you can’t stick with it, aka me. Just use an old notebook and write everything down. I know technology is a huge part of our lives now, but I think that writing on paper is more viable. If you write on your phone you can get distracted easily.
  2. Keep your phone out of reach for at least 2 hours when your working.
  3. Make sure you have a clean surface to work in. Usually mess can be a factor of distraction and laziness. If your desk is not organized or clean, you’re going to have more trouble to concentrate and get done all your assignments.
  4. Keep a bottle of water next to you. Keep yourself hydrated, it can make your brain less stressed and you’ll be refreshed.
  5. Cross over everything you’ve done. You’ll feel the satisfaction of a well done assignment.
  6. Try to focus just on one subject and then move on to the other one when you’re finished. Try not to mix several subjects, cause it can get yourself confused and you’ll be more viable to stop working or studying.
  7. Take breaks of 10 to 15 minutes max, after you finished your task. Try not to use your phone that much cause those minutes can turn out to be hours. Instead eat a fruit or just walk on your room.
  8. DON’T make homework or study on your bed. It can be more comfortable, but you’ll end up sleeping or just grabbing you phone and procrastinate.
  9. Schedule your exams on a visible calendar. You need to have enough time to study if not, you’re gonna be really stressed!
  10. If your using your computer to study, try to keep all the social media tabs closed.
  11. Make sure you ate before studying and go to the bathroom!
  12. Use mint oil behind your ears & neck, this oil helps for concentration and it keeps you focus on your tasks.


  1. Paste a motivational quote on your wall, right in front of where you usually study.
  2. Make a playlist that put you on a happy mood. Try that it has a long time duration. Cause if it stops you’ll be distracted. If you’re studying try to play a relaxing playlist. There are tons on YouTube, on Spotify & Apple Music.
  3. If you’re having distractions use some headphones and concentrate only on your tasks.
  4. Chew some gum. It’s is known that if you’re studying while chewing a specific gum flavor, you’ll be able to remember everything on your test if you chew the same gum flavor while doing it.
  5. After you study put your notes under your pillow at night. I don’t know how this works, but you’ll actually be able to remember a lot of things the next day. *Make sure you study the night before*
  6. Give your self some rewards for studying chapters or certain amount fo pages. Use your favorite candies and give them to yourself as a reward of hard work.
  7. If you’re a visual person, use your favorite colors to highlight the most important information.
  8. If you prefer and learn better when you listen, then write down all the information and read it while you’re recording it. Then you’ll be able to hear it several times. If you don’t like hearing your own voice then write it down on a Word and let Siri read it for you. Repeat it as much as is needed.
  9. Make mind maps with the key words.
  10. Use other words to remind the subject information. Associating things with other people or objects can help.
  11. Read out loud. It seems that if you read out loud you can retain more info.

This are some of the tips and tricks that have been helping me since I was in high school. I hope this help some of you and you ace all of your exams. Remember that no one is good on everything. Don’t get discouraged because you didn’t obtained an A on your quiz or an assignment. You can do better the next one. Keep in mind you all are brilliant and extremely capable of reaching your goals!! Keep studying, keep working it would be worth it at the end. Let me know which is or was your favorite subject!! I hope to see you all in my next post!

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Hello Everybody! My name is Amanda and I'm a part time lifestyle blogger and full time college student. I love watching movies on Netflix, drinking coffee and spending time with my friends & family!

2 thoughts on “Studying Tips & Tricks for College

  1. I love this! I make myself a time table so I have time scheduled for certain parts and chapters in reading. I quickly realised working in bed is not a great idea so now I sit at my dining table with less risk of me wanting to take a cat nap!

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