Lili Reinhart Talking About Body Image

Today I was getting ready to go to college. Usually, when I get ready I like to hear some TED Talks or some Youtube Videos about inspirational topics. I can learn multiple things from successful people and I can apply their tips for my daily life. Instead of listening to music, I prefer to listen to some incentives that inspire me every morning. Well, as I was scrolling to see which new videos were uploaded, I saw Lili Reinhart video. The title caught my eye “Speech About Body Image”. I don’t know if you guys know who Lili Reinhart is, but she’s an actress well known for her Riverdale roll as Betty Cooper. She has been criticized by random people about her body measurements and how she does not belong to the Hollywood standard body. She has been opened about how sometimes she feels bad in her own skin on Twitter. Most of us may think, how can an actress be so insecure about having a “perfect” body, when she is pretty and skinny. Well she explains that on this video:

If you saw the video you’ll realize how hard it can be for some people to feel confident with their bodies. I mean I’ve been there too. The struggle of thinking you don’t have a “perfect” body can give you nightmares. Thinking you are fat, you have body hair, you have scars, you are too skinny, you have wrinkles, you don’t suit the beauty standard, can truly kick your self-esteem and confidence down. We all see the hourglass shape body or the masculine strong figure, and if we don’t look like them we think we’re screwed. But that’s not the truth.

The truth is everyone has their own insecurities, everyone has their own type of body. We all have different genetics. We cannot please everyone with the way we look. Some people might find us attractive, some may not. But what’s the deal, what’s matter is what you see and what you feel about your own body. Beauty standards are something that can really affect our eyes. But fortunately, nowadays this body image thing has been changing. Even though, as Lili says on the video, everyone can fix their body with an app, and I’m not saying it is not right. Maybe that person likes to do that, but maybe it is also affecting their way of seeing themselves. If uploading a picture without fixes gets fewer likes than in a picture with a lot of modifications, then they’ll prefer to upload a fixed one. This all depends on the perspective and on the way you see yourself.

Having a different type of body doesn’t make you less. It makes you unique. We cannot have the same shape, genetics doesn’t let us do that. Body Positivity is something we all need to start embracing. Don’t feel bad because you don’t look like the exact same as someone else. Those differences make you *insert your name*. Embrace who you are, be happy, be kind and keep enjoying life.

I hope you guys find this post inspiring or at least entertaining. If you want more posts like this let me know on the comments. You know I love reading your opinions about these topics. Comment down below which is your favorite body inspirational quote! Lets spread some body positivity on this post. I’ll see you in my next one.

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Hello Everybody! My name is Amanda and I'm a part time lifestyle blogger and full time college student. I love watching movies on Netflix, drinking coffee and spending time with my friends & family!

3 thoughts on “Lili Reinhart Talking About Body Image

  1. Whoo girl! I have struggled for a long long time in regards to body image. I absolutely love Lili Reinhart – her struggle is universal and beautifully put.

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    1. I know right. We all should be proud of who we are, but sometimes social media can make us feel less. I hope everyone find the way to love themselves just the way they are. Thanks for reading. I hope to see you in my next post.


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